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US 2nd ID vs Finnish Jääkärikomppania - 1750pts - Fighting Withdrawal

Matt and I decided to play a mission we haven't played much before to get some practice in before the upcoming Art of War Tournament. We decided on 1750 points Late War and picked "Fighting Withdrawal". We both had only played this mission a handful of times so thought it would be interesting. Matt picked his Finnish super-men and I picked my 2nd ID, both lists that we're taking to the Art of War.

US 2nd Infantry Division
  • Company HQ - 2 x Cmd SMG Teams
  • Rifle Platoon - 1 x Cmd SMG Team, 4 x Bazooka Teams, 6 x Rifle Teams
  • Rifle Platoon - 1 x Cmd SMG Team, 1 x Bazooka Team, 6 x Rifle Teams
  • Anti Tank Platoon - 1 x Cmd Carbine Team, 3 x Bazooka Teams
  • Tank Destroyer Platoon - 1 x .50 cal Recon Jeep, 2 x M20 Scout Cars, 4 x M36 90mm GMC
  • Light Tank Platoon - 4 x M5A1 Stuarts
  • Cavalry Recon Platoon - 1 x M8 Armoured Car, 1 x Mortar Jeep, 1 x Recon Jeep
  • Field Artillery Battery - 1 x Cmd Carbine Team, 1 x Staff Team, 1 x Observer Team, 1 x Jeep, 4 x M2A1 105mm Howitzer
  • Field Artillery Battery - 1 x Cmd Carbine Team, 1 x Staff Team, 1 x Observer Team, 1 x Jeep, 4 x M1 155mm Howitzer
  • Air Observation Post- 1 x L4 Grasshopper AOP
  • (Devil's Charge) Confident Veteran 1750pts
Finnish Jaakarikomppannia
  • Jaakarikomppania HQ - 2 x Cmd SMG Teams, 2 x Panzerschreck Teams
  • Jaakari Platoon - 1 x Warrior Command Team Captain Lauri Torni, 8 x SMG Teams (entire platoon upgraded to reconnaissance platoon)
  • Jaakari Platoon - 1 x Cmd Panzerfaust SMG Team, 8 x Rifle Teams
  • Jaakai Mortar Platoon - 1 x Cmd SMG Team, 1x Observer Rifle Team, 3 x Tampella M/35 81mm Mortar
  • Captured Panssari Platoon - 1 x ISU-152
  • Panssari Platoon - 3 x T-34/85
  • Heavy Anti Tank Platoon (Elite) - 1 x Cmd Panzerfaust SMG Team, 2 x 75 PstK/40 Guns
  • Armoured Car Platoon (Elite) - 2 x BA-10
  • (Grey Wolf) Fearless Veteran 1750pts


Matt's Finnish super-men

My 2nd ID - hmm cheesy

The table before deployment - a lot more open than I am used to

Matt's deployment with objectives visible. The Finn's objective is in the woods in the top right

My deployment

BA-10s move up to the hedge to prepare for the GI advance

US 2nd Infantry Division: I rolled to be the attacker and picked the table edge with the most terrain in. The reasoning being that I wanted to force the objectives to be in the open as much as possible. With objectives deployed I watched Matt set up.
Finnish Jaakarikomppannia : Matt deployed his infantry on both flanks with the armour supporting the right as we look at it. My reaction to this was to weight the left flank more heavily with infantry and use my armour and recce to tie up his right flank. Matt uses his recce team to drive up the hedge on his recce move. My own recce move is limited to gentle shuffling around into cover.


Stuarts bail a BA-10

Ambush revealed

Result of the ambush - one dead Stuart

US 2nd Infantry Division: The Stuarts drive forward towards the hedge line while both infantry platoons advance. I try to smoke the T-34s but am unable to range in. The AOP calls in a bombardment on the Finnish artillery staff team but fails to range in. The Cav Recon platoon and Tank Destroyer Security Section race forward to machine gun Lauri Torni's platoon but don't cause any casualties. The Stuarts bail a BA-10 before they disengage and move back behind the woods. The rifle platoons advance firing from the hip, which all looks very impressive but achieves nothing.
Finnish Jaakarikomppannia : Matt pops his ambush (his anti tank gun platoon) in front of the Stewarts. Oh-oh! A coupe of shots later and there is one dead Stuart. A Panzerschreck team bails another Stuart. The artillery opens up and pins an infantry platoon. The mortars pin the second infantry platoon and kill a stand as well. The ISU152 fires at the Tank Destroyer Security Section, who are unable to disengage, and kill an M-20 scout car. The T-34s fire at the remainder of the section and only manage to bail the other M-20 scout car. Phew!


Stewarts move out of the killing area

Smoke goes in

US 2nd Infantry DivisionOne of the infantry platoons unpins and continues it's advance. The 155's open up in support and kill one of the Finnish heavy artillery guns and pin them. The Stewart retreat out of the Pak40's killing area along the hedgeline.
Finnish JaakarikomppanniaMatt opens up with a smoke bombardment which envelops my infantry and Stuarts. Damnit! Matt's T-34's fire at the Tank Destroyer Security Section and kill the second M-20. The jeep disengages away out of the killing area. His pesky BA-10 crew get back in the vehicle and mow down an infantry platoon's bazooka team with their machine guns.


No amount of finger pointing saves Matt's Finns from the might of Yankee artillery

Torni and his deadly assault

US 2nd Infantry Division (Devil's Charge) Confident Veteran 1750pts: I launch a combined bombardmnet at the BA-10 platoon and the infantry platoon on my left flank. One double width template please! I kill a BA-10 and an infantry stand. More importantly though I cause them to be pinned thus creating the conditions for an assault in my next turn.
Finnish Jaakarikomppannia (Grey Wolf) Fearless Veteran 1750pts: Matt withdraws his Pak40 platoon given that the Stuarts are now out of the killing area. In the woods on the right his recce platoon with Lauri Torni sneak up on my Anti Tank platoon and launch a vicious assault and wipe them out to a man.


The GIs mass for their assault

The aftermath - A US infantry platoon getting ready to bounce forward again

US 2nd Infantry Division (Devil's Charge) Confident Veteran 1750pts: I mass my troops on the left flank ready to assault. The Stuarts fire us in as does the artillery. I assault and kill 2 stands and push into their positions and standby to do the same again on my next turn.
Finnish Jaakarikomppannia (Grey Wolf) Fearless Veteran 1750pts: Matt withdraws Torni's platoon given that there's now a lack of infantry targets on the right flank. His mortars and rifles pin my assaulting GIs and cause a kill. The BA-10 joins in and kills 3 more along with the artillery. Thank heavens for the large US platoons as I'm still not over half and just sit there and grimly take it.


Stuarts assault!

Stuarts die!

Infantry attack

The end of the assault - is that an objective I 'm on top off?!

The bloody aftermath after the second infantry platoon assault

Matt retaliates

US 2nd Infantry Division (Devil's Charge) Confident Veteran 1750pts: I throw my Stuarts forward into assaulting the Mortar platoon. But defensive fire from a supporting Panzerschreck team causes 2 kills and the assault fails and to add insult to injury I fail my platoon morale test and the remaining Stewart decides to high-tail it off the table. Time for the infantry to move in, the defensive fire isn't enough to hold them off and they sweep the Finns away before them. The second infantry platoon finally decides to launch an assault as well following an advance where they were getting whittled down and finish off the Jaakari platoon and push back the BA-10. Unfortunately because the BA-10 survives the objective is still contested.
Finnish Jaakarikomppannia (Grey Wolf) Fearless Veteran 1750pts: Matt withdraws his ISU-152. The artillery rains down and anhilates my infantry on the objective killing one platoon to the man. The BA-10 opens up and causes 2 more kills. How quickly the tide turns! His T34s start making a move towards my left flank, oh no.


T-34s burning

BA-10 chasing infantry

US 2nd Infantry Division (Devil's Charge) Confident Veteran 1750pts: With the threat of the T34s I call a time on target bombardment on them and wipe out one of them courtesy of the AOP.
Finnish Jaakarikomppannia (Grey Wolf) Fearless Veteran 1750pts: Matt takes a withdrawal counter and removes the central objective, damnit! My tank destroyers were just gearing up for a dash there. His BA-10 chases after my surviving infantry but is unable to shoot them down as they run down the road.


Tank Destroyers vs BA10 - there was only ever going to be one outcome

The heavy artillery strikes in revenge

US 2nd Infantry Division (Devil's Charge) Confident Veteran 1750pts: My Tank Destroyers pop and smash the remaining BA-10 while the infantry make a dash for an objective. The artillery proves ineffectual against the T34s.
Finnish Jaakarikomppannia (Grey Wolf) Fearless Veteran 1750pts: Matt removes the left hand objective and takes a withdrawal counter. His T34s withdraw away from the Tank Destroyers under covering fire from his heavy artillery who manage to kill one of the M36s.
Turn 8 and it's game. Matt held on grimly despite 2 successive infantry assaults and won with a 4-3. This game demonstrated to both of us how difficult fighting withdrawal is as an attacker with an infantry company. Hopefully with the amount of Mech and Tank lists at the Art of War we won't have to attack in the tournament if we cop this mission. The AOP proved it's worth again by ranging across the table and the Stewarts were used aggressively. I find that the key to using 2nd ID against another infantry company is to be aggressive and take the fight to them. All in all another fun game and more experience for the Art of War

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