Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Work In Progress - DAK Kradschutzen Part 1

As part of my head long dive into Flames of War tournaments I have entered into the 2014 Flames of War Welsh Open in June. 

The only problem is that it's Early War and that I didn't have an army.  I didn't have long to wait until the answer came to me, Deutsche Afrika Korps!  I have always had a thing for the DAK and this has provided me with an excuse to collect a DAK army.  It will also, with the addition of some extras, double up as a Mid War army.

So straight onto Easy Army and I came up with a list that I fancied running. 

 I still need to shave 50pts off it somewhere to get me in at 1550pts.  Anyone have any suggestions?

One of the first things that hit me was how expensive everything was when compared to Late War.  I quickly settled on a Panzer Kompanie with the final sweetener being that I could run a platoon of Kradschutzen.  What's not to love about a platoon of motorcyle sidecars with MGs that can fire at full Rate of Fire on the move?!

Seeing as they looked so cool they were the first unit I decided to paint up.  To say that they were fiddly to assemble is an understatement.  Each motorcyle and sidecar has 7 pieces that need assembling together, oh and you need to do 17 of them!  That's a lot of flash to trim and not to mention a marathon session in gluing them.

Painting them has been emotional so far as well.  The amount of surface area is just unbelievable.  At the moment I am about half way through.  I have just done most of the block painting and now need to tidy them up and shade and highlight them.  Forgive the rough and ready nature of the pictures, hopefully the end product will look much better.

Seeing as I must be a sucker for punishment next on the painting table will be a Schutzen platoon so I can dismount the platoon and assault or dig in and hold objectives. 

After painting motorcycles painting a platoon of infantry will seem like a walk in the park!


  1. I did warn you about the bikes! But they will look awesome when they are finished!

    As for your list I think you need to either drop the Panzerjagers I's or make them bigger. They are only 1 AT better than the Panzer III's so I'm not sure they are worth it. Also I think you need platoons of 4 Panzer II's, they are the work horse of the list as they are great against infantry in EW and Tanks still need to worry about them. You will also need the extra shots when you face the tank hordes of the Soviets and British.

    I would look at

    HQ Panzer III + recovery Sd Kfz 9
    3 Panzer III
    4 Panzer II
    4 Panzer II
    2 8-Rads
    2 8-Rads
    Bikers as above.

    You will struggle against Matildas and Char B's but thats part of the thing with EW you can't have a list thats good against everything.

    I hope that helps


  2. Cheers for the tips Ben. I included the Panzerjagers as I have a blister of two of them lying around but you make a good point will probably drop them in favour of rounding out the Panzer IIs. What's the advantage of using the recovery vehicle? Never seen one being used so not sure how they work.