Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Work in Progress - DAK Kradschutzen Part 2

Just a quick update today.  Nearly finished the Kradschutzen.  Block painting and shading using Army Painter Strong Tone is done.  Just need to drybrush and base them now.  I've never based a desert force before so this'll be interesting. 

In unrelated news I got an email last week from Table Top Nation stating they've had to cancel the Late War Flames of War Tournament in Essex this coming weekend due to unforeseen circumstances.  Whilst no reason was given my suspicion was that it was due to under subscription.  They really need to be better at publicising their events if they want people to take part.  I never saw it advertised on the Flames of War forum and only stumbled across it while doing some google-ing.    

I am a bit gutted as I was looking forward to some practice before the Art of War tournament however to make up for it Matt and I have decided to have a bumper Flames of War day in his war room at his new house.  Watch this space for some AARs.

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